About Al Sayed Khamis


About us

AL Sayed Khamis Showroom for used car trading is one of the specialized showrooms in the used cars industry. Having been in the business for 19 we started our business in Al Qana’a and then moved later on to Sharjah Industrial Area then to Mohanad Showroom.

Now, we are considered as one of the strongest leaders in the local market and also representing internationality in many countries like Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and Saudi.

Yet, we do not work in the imported cars we are more specialized in GCC cars with the best prices in the market.

With our great reputation we built over the years of working with integrity we have gained a powerful and respected client base.

As always, we are looking forward to developing in both technical and customer service aspect to better serve our valued clients. Our motto will always be “More Selling, Less Winning”.

Looking forward to dealing with you and putting you on the road with your dream car.

Al Sayed Khamis,
Showroom Manager